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Grit Guard
Grit Guard
Our Price: $9.97

Grit Guard fits in the bottom of your bucket and cleans your wash mitt, brush, towel, or other washing utensil to save your paint from swirl marks and scratches. The simplest and most cost effective method for protecting your precious painted surfaces from being scratched while washing your vehicle. The CHEAPEST INSURANCE you can find for your car!:-) Separates the grit from the mitt. Or sponge.

Grit Guard prevents the swirl marks in your paint, caused by improper washing. The products radial designed surface extracts particles such as dirt, grit, and grime from your wash mitt, providing a clean, scratch-free wash mitt, every time you go back to the bucket for water. Once dirt settles to the bottom of the bucket, the Grit Guard keeps it there by separating the wash water into four quadrants, so the water cannot be disturbed. Grit Guard is not a gimmick; it is common sense...when your mitt is in the water, the fibers are fluffed up. When you rub your mitt against Grit Guard in the water, the fluffed up fibers allow for the Grit Guard to extract the dirt, grit, and grime. Quality made in USA.
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(Raceglaze Ltd.) OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel
RG UK Raceglaze Ltd. Onepass Drying Towel
Our Price: $12.95

RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel - Features

Recently received from the UK, this superb new alternative to chamois, this Drying Towel is winning plaudits every time its used and reviewed.

  • Large almost 2’ x 2’ size dries an entire average sized car WITHOUT wringing
  • Dries completely in a single pass - no streaks, smears or drops left behind
  • Fully machine washable on normal load settings
  • No need to keep moist like a chamois - use dry
  • Waffle weave prevents accidental scratching from grit left on car
  • Excellent on glass
  • Gets better the more its used as opposed to old fashioned stiff, hard chamois

OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel - Description

Brilliant new alternative to chamois and flunkies, this great value Drying Towel is winning plaudits every time its used and reviewed. The quickest, safest way to dry your car. Recommended by professionals drying Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin and other exotic marques! The fact that you’re browsing here proves that you’re a car enthusiast. Show your loved car that you are indeed!

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The Absorber (Large)
The Absorber (Large)
Our Price: $12.97

The Absorber was designed over 30 years ago to dry cars and trucks. It is the ORIGINAL PVA shammy. The super absorbent power of The Absorber not only dries your car quickly, but leaves a streak free finish behind. Once the absorber is saturated with water simply wring it out and continue drying your vehicle. For the hood of your car we recommend that you lay the absorber flat on the surface and pull it across the hood, trunk, or car top. Let the absorber do the work for you as it sucks up the water as you move across the surface of your vehicle. You can fold the absorber to dry the side panels of your vehicle.

The absorber can be used to dry the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. This is a distinct advantage over blade type and other drying devices. The absorber is reinforced with a mesh scrim for added durability and strength, but has NO surface fibers which makes it safe for all paint finishes. It also will not remove wax from your vehicle as you dry it. It is resistant to most chemicals. It is unharmed by grease and oils. Best of all the absorber is machine washable and will last for years. Generous 27" x 17" size.

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CarPro Suede Microfiber 8"x8"
CarPro Suede Microfiber 8"x8"
Our Price: $12.99

The CarPro Suede MicroFiber towel is soft, smooth, and self absorbing. CarPro's unique finishing process leaves the CarPro Suede Microfiber cloths ready to use with any coating, offering a better finish and ease of use. Additionally it is the PERFECT towel for wiping down navigation screens, Television screens, and a variety of sensitive electronics. This is a generous 8"x8" size suede microfiber and works extremely well for wiping off CQuartz after it has flashed.

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Wheel Wax
Wheel Wax
Our Price: $14.95

Wheel Wax is the only wax for wheels. It cleans, restores and protects in one step!. Wheel Wax is easy to apply, dries to a haze and buffs to a high shine. Wheel Wax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel brake dust particles.

Wheel Wax leaves an unbelievably smooth shine on your wheels that brake dust and moisture can't penetrate. This protective coating also makes cleaning your wheels a snap next time you wash your wheels. If cleaning your wheels next time simply using car shampoo, water and a sponge rather than prolonged brush scrubbing appeals to you, add Wheel Wax to your shopping cart!

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Nebo Big Larry LED Work Light
Nebo Big Larry LED Work Light
Our Price: $20.95

The BIG Larry knows how to light up a room! Equipped with new C•O•B LED technology, the BIG Larry outputs 400 lumens of intense light. Secondary light modes include Low (160 lumens) and the long lasting Emergency Red Flash mode. This intense red light is perfect for distress signaling or roadside emergencies. The anodized aluminum body and recessed LED housing ensures that the BIG Larry can handle any situation. You can light up the night for walking or inspect auto paintwork.

• High-power 400 lumen C•O•B LED work light
• High-power C•O•B LED emergency red flasher

• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
water and impact-resistant
• Powerful magnetic base

• Top-positioned, ON/OFF button

• Powered by 3 AA batteries (INCLUDED!)

• Length: 7.4375”
• Diameter: Barrel – 0.875” / Head – 1.125”
• 0.5 lbs.

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Grit Guard Bucket Insert (Red) with Washboard Bucket Insert (Black)
Grit Guard Bucket Insert (Red) with Washboard Bucket Insert (Black)
Our Price: $21.95

To get those particles out of your sponge or mitt, you need the Grit Guard Insert. The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of any 5 gallon bucket and extracts grit from your wash mitt or sponge when you drag it across the Grit Guard. The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard calm the wash water and hold the grid above the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. You'll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket!

The Grit Guard Washboard works in conjunction with the Grit Guard Insert in your wash bucket to separate the grit from the mitt! Like it's sister product, the Grit Guard Insert, the Grit Guard Washboard has NO flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected. Contaminants are extracted from cleaning tools while rubbing them on the downward stoke against the Washboard.

You'll do well by your car by choosing this Grit Guard team from Detailbest!
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Fire Hose Nozzle
Fire Hose Nozzle
Our Price: $21.97

Much better quality than similar-styled products, this is a fire hose style nozzle. Made of thermal plastic rubber with a heavy-duty aluminum body and solid brass connector. Designed with a rubber bumper that protects the nozzle and your cars finish. This nozzle will easily blast away mud and grime.

Assuming good water pressure, you will probably win water fights with your neighbor. Easily adjustable from a 40 foot steam to a gentle fan spray. Includes hose washer. We use this nozzle ourselves!

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Big EZ Wheel and Detail Brush
Big EZ Wheel and Detail Brush
Our Price: $23.95

Rinse off debris, dust or loose dirt from all surfaces your brush will come in contact with. If cleaning wheels, apply wheel cleaner first, and allow a little time for product to work. You can use the brush to help agitate surface dirt.

Fill a bucket with warm water and use a quality soap that produces a good amount of suds. The warmer the water the softer the bristles become.

Submerge your brush in the bucket of warm, soapy water. Visually inspect the area you want to clean. Pick a straight path through nooks, crannies and crevices then insert your brush keeping your wrist inline with the handle. To prevent the bristles from getting caught, gently twist the brush in one direction while removing it. The brush will slide into most nooks and crannies. If you find one that it will not, do not force it! Threat the tool with respect, and it will respect you.:-)

Rinse with water to remove all the soap then use an electric blower or a soft absorbent cloth to dry delicate surfaces.

Clean grease and oil off the brush with warm water and soap or a solvent. The bristles are chemical resistant and will withstand strong solvents. Rinse the brush thoroughly with water to remove all soap or solvent from the bristles. Hang the brush to dry.

If the bristles become matted, rinse them in hot tap water and hang the brush to dry or use a blow dryer on low setting. The Nylex bristles have a memory effect because of their unique design and when presented to heat will straighten back out. Made in USA.

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Detail Guardz
Detail Guardz
Our Price: $24.95

Are you tired of have the brakes applied on you when you wash your car? Detail Guardz car wash inserts are the most efficient way to work around your vehicles, without being interrupted by a stubborn hose & cord jammed by your tires. The ultra-smooth roller system allows for easy movements, without the need to tug and adjust your equipment. This unique tool has a locking mechanism, it instantly grips the tire, ensuring even the strongest forces can't knock it loose. Just quickly slide them into place and forget about pesky hose & cord troubles. Set of 4.
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