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(Raceglaze Ltd.) OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel
RG UK Raceglaze Ltd. Onepass Drying Towel
Our Price: $12.95

RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel - Features

Recently received from the UK, this superb new alternative to chamois, this Drying Towel is winning plaudits every time its used and reviewed.

  • Large almost 2’ x 2’ size dries an entire average sized car WITHOUT wringing
  • Dries completely in a single pass - no streaks, smears or drops left behind
  • Fully machine washable on normal load settings
  • No need to keep moist like a chamois - use dry
  • Waffle weave prevents accidental scratching from grit left on car
  • Excellent on glass
  • Gets better the more its used as opposed to old fashioned stiff, hard chamois

OnePass Microfibre Drying Towel - Description

Brilliant new alternative to chamois and flunkies, this great value Drying Towel is winning plaudits every time its used and reviewed. The quickest, safest way to dry your car. Recommended by professionals drying Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin and other exotic marques! The fact that you’re browsing here proves that you’re a car enthusiast. Show your loved car that you are indeed!

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RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Signature Wash Mitt
RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Signature Wash Mitt
Our Price: $28.95

The RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Signature Wash Mitt is hand fabricated in Great Britain of the finest Australian sheepskins available, and worth every penny. This Signature Mitt is larger than most, and multiplies your effective wash area. Just flip it over and you get another large wash surface working for you! And you'll appreciate the high quality that can last for years. A great treat to add to your order or an appreciated gift. You decide. Color choice not guaranteed. We're lucky to get to get whatever mitts we can!:-)
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RG UK Raceglaze Ltd. 5 Detail Brush Set
Raceglaze Ltd. RG UK 5 Brush Set
Our Price: $29.95

Remember those handy detail brushes that you can't seem to find anymore? Well, RaceglazeUK Ltd. has fulfilled the need and has gone one better. Make that 5 better! 5 all-natural, no metal brushes with hanging eyelet. All different sizes, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16. An extremely useful set of durable, chemical resistant natural bristle brushes for detailing vehicles. Smaller brushes ideal for interior use between trim, around hi-fi speakers, and air vents, larger ones great for engine bay detailing and wheel cleaning. Quality construction, and no metal ferrule to scratch delicate areas of your car. Imported from Great Britain.
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Raceglaze Anti-Bacterial & Virucidal Cleaner 500ml
Raceglaze Anti-Bacterial & Virucidal Cleaner
Our Price: $29.99

A unique product from the car care market for current concerns. Product comes from clinical sources. Bactericide and Virucide.

In use as a spray and wipe (or even better, spray and leave) product for areas touched by the public such as counter tops, door handles, steering wheels, train and bus handles/grab rails, handheld devices, VDUs, supermarket trolley handles. Most effective if left to dry. Can be used on hands too.

Eliminates and prevents bacterial growth at the microscopic level - kills MRSA, salmonella, listeria, E-coli, (food poisoning), legionella (bacteria causing legionnaires disease) and aspergillus niger (mold). Its already in use in the UK NHS and kills 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.

Will it work on Covid-19 ? As its been impossible to isolate that and test against it, we are informed that the 2 main ingredients in the product are on the list of chemicals supplied by the UK Government in early March as suitable to combat its spread.

It is also currently used in mobile medical facilities to sanitize all surfaces from major infection and after the public have been in them.

When applied to products and surfaces, the active ingredients cause the functions of bacteria to break down, resulting in the prevention of bacterial growth.

For any detailers or auto technicians who want to offer an extra clean service or protect themselves, people hiring cars, people with children or pets, people buying any second hand goods - many many uses.

Imported from Great Britain.
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RG UK Raceglaze Ltd. Large Detailer Spray
RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Clearmist Detailer Large 500ml. Size
Our Price: $37.50

RG UK Clearmist Detailer is a very highly rated Carnauba wax spray-on liquid detailer. Cleans and waxes to enhance showroom shine and add protection between waxing applications. An easy spray-on wipe-off application for fast touch up on all painted surfaces. Leaves no white residue around badges, under hood, sills or on black plastic/rubber. Ideal for a quick finish when you arrive at events or in showrooms or when drying off. Clearmist also tops up Raceglaze wax protection for your car when used after every wash! 500ml size.

Clearmist is highly recommended as the final step in your car show preparation!
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RG UK Raceglaze Ltd 5 Brush Set + XL Brush 5+1
RG UK Raceglaze Ltd 5 Brush Set + XL Brush 5+1
Our Price: $46.95

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RG UK Raceglaze 7 Liter 0 PPM Water Filter
Raceglaze 0 PPM 7 Liter Water Filter
Our Price: $209.95

We´ve all had to swiftly run round our cars to dry them before water spots form, which are very hard to remove and can badly affect paintwork. And try as you might, washing and drying will cause swirl marks and light surface scratching.

Existing in-line water filters are either very expensive or have incredibly short lives, and can waste the casing, which is very environmentally unfriendly.

The new Raceglaze Ltd. Maxi-Filter uses a durable 11 bar pressure tested fiberglass tank ready filled with 7 liters of premium A1 grade resin. You can even add quick connects, which you may already have, or are available at your local garden supply store.

Your water supply comes into the unit and is distributed out from the top strainer into the resin bed, falls under pressure and gravity down through the resin bed and as its only outlet is into the bottom strainer and up the pipe, comes through the resin bed to emerge on the outlet side as close to 0 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids as possible.

Using a garden hose to wash a car uses approx. 30 liters of water a final rinse only a fraction of that - we estimate 5-7 liters at most.

This is a breakthrough in filtered water product for car washing that is proving to be very popular.

We recommend that a final rinse is performed at half water pressure, just sufficient to create a wave of water over the vehicle, and should be able to be completed in around 45 seconds for a midsize car, little over a minute for a 4x4. This is based on filter testing at Raceglaze over the last 4 years.


Water Softeners change dissolved hardness into dissolved sodium bicarbonate which removes lime scale. However, if you boil off the resultant water you will have a residue at the end of the process - which will be left on your car if you use softened water to wash it and let it dry in the sun.

Our filter totally removes all dissolved solids and there will be nothing left on your car after sun drying. They are different process designed to do different things.

Our resin vessels are imported from Great Britain and comprise a quality PE inner shell and wound fiberglass outer. These are high quality, strong units with best quality fittings and top grade resin. You’ll notice the difference, and you’ll be proud to own this filter.

Please note that this product is intended for your final car rinse only for your most efficient use and economy. Your municipal water authority will offer information usually online regarding water quality. Water quality varies widely throughout the US and Canada, and many are surprised that their local water supply is far from perfect. If you use well water, there’s a high probability you’ll definitely notice the advantages of our Raceglaze Maxi Filter.

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Red Car Reveal Cover
Home > RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Car Reveal Covers > RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) Red Car Reveal Cover
Our Price: $309.00

Launching a new model in your car dealership? Looking to enhance the customer delivery experience? Want to keep a prepared car pristine for your customer sale? How about showing off your completed restoration? This is the silky draped cover as seen on Top Gear that is whipped off to reveal your gleaming new car in all its glory! Now available in North America! Made from dense, non-transparent silky polyester satin material to drape over the car and heighten excitement, our Silk Reveal Covers will cover up to intermediate sized sedans and coupes completely. The standard cover will cover a 4x4 though not drape onto the ground, due to the higher profile of the vehicle. No more locking up a purchased showroom car, only to find out the glass is covered in handprints. For some reason other customers enjoy inspecting the locked car's interior through the glass just before the delivery! Reveal covers can give your customers an experience they will remember and talk about for a lifetime! If you have a restoration shop, you can unveil the result of your professional expertise, namely, the customers completed car! A great choice for race team and automotive media events too! Raceglaze Ltd. has supplied the following manufacturers for new model launches: BMW GB, Volvo North America, Hyundai, Nissan Le Mans prototype 2012, and Fiat UK. Also showroom delivery/launch covers to dealers of VW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, Peugeot, Fiat, Hyundai, Ferrari, Nissan and many independent multi-marque specialists. We have made these covers readily available with a stateside inventory. No long shipping waits or customs to clear-we've done that for you! Black and Silver colors in stock and ready to go, complete with storage bag. Machine washable on gentle cycle, and you'll enjoy using these dramatic covers many times over.

Please note these covers are intended to be placed over vehicle paintwork, and should not be placed over interior surfaces or light colored fabric tops, etc.

Note To International Customers: You are responsible for any local taxes that may be due, and for complying with customs laws.

Free ALL USA standard shipping included on this item!

Regular Size 22.9 Ft .x 14.7 Medium Size Cars
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