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Black Wow 4oz.
Black Wow
Our Price: $32.99

A product conceived by show car detailer, Richard Lin, aka OctaneGuy and formulated by his father, a world renowned award winning scientist. Designed for any color exterior plastic such as on the MINI Cooper, Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Tacoma, and others, this gel will restore your trims natural color without use of dyes or colorants and provides a rich, long lasting look, proven by the water beading action. Free applicator included!

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Raceglaze Ltd. Nano Paintwork Sealant Kit
RaceglazeUK Ltd. Signature Nano Sealant Kit
Our Price: $59.95

Anyone who has bought a new car over the last few years will have been recommended a "never have to polish your car again" coating, at typically $350 to over $500 depending on how prestigious the marque.

Ripoff No. 1 is the sheer cost of this. No wonder many customers decline and call us for advice about more traditional waxes.

Then there's ripoff No.2 is the dealer will apply the same product to a Porsche or a Hyundai of equal size but charge you more where they perceive you have deeper pockets.

They offer this product as margins on new cars are so thin.. the same reason you are offered Gap Protection insurance and optional extras. Simply, they have to make some money somewhere.

Ripoff No.3 is that the warranty is only backed if you use their supplied shampoo, which you will inevitably run out of and if you can prove you have washed it regularly using it. Which of course you cannot, hence its a worthless warranty.

So what is this miracle coating?  Well, most dealerships buy from the same small number of manufacturers, one of whom produces a product we have been testing for 3 years. Its undoubtedly all very clever chemistry, and the best thing about it is, anyone can apply it. No special training or equipment is required. And if you are doing it yourself, you will take a lot more care than the paid by the hour vehicle prep workers round the back who sometimes do this in 20 minutes.

And the really good news ? We can supply you with DEALERSHIP QUALITY product complete with both steps of the system, with applicator pads and microfibre polishing cloths, for as little as  $59.95. We will not kid you that you will never have to polish your car again, as this sealant does have a life of 2 + years, but if you use a good, pH neutral shampoo and wash the car regularly yourself at home, it will last that long. Use commercial car washes or hand wash for $8 places who use truck washing degreasers and it won't.  But at least you know.

More about this, and please excuse the science.  The first step is to cleanse the cars paintwork with the Primer. No real effort required, but wipe on, massage over the bodywork and buff off when it starts to haze. You will need approx 50ml for a Miata-sized car.  This product cures and bonds to the paintwork creating a layer than is receptive to the nano-particles (i.e. molecular sized) of the Gloss TopCoat Sealant. We have adopted this naming convention as any DIYer will understand it.
Once that is done, and allow an hour or so for a small car, you will need to apply the actual Sealant. Application and usage is exactly the same, although you can use a polishing machine to do it too but its not vital. Allow to dry. That is it.

Your car will now resist acid rain, bird mess, tree sap, and shrug off dirt. This makes washing incredibly easy as dirt cannot bond to the porous lacquer but must try to stick to this extremely hard new coating.


We always recommend using anything except a brush or ordinary carwash sponge, and drying with either a really good, clean chamois or microfibre drying towel.
For shampoo, you can use our made for purpose Cherry Sealant Maintenance Shampoo, which will typically make up 25 wash buckets worth,  Raceglaze AquaGlide, or any good quality car shampoo.

A few extra points:

You can use it on any age of car.
If you clay bar the paintwork first you will not seal in tar spots, tree sap and other debris that makes paintwork less than glass-smooth.
If you have surface swirls or scratches you will need to polish them out or seal them in. Consider this as to remove this bonded on coating will require skilled machine polishing with abrasives.

The finish this product produces will be bright and shiny, particularly if you have taken care in preparation and application, but may lack the warmth of good waxes on certain darker colours. You can therefore wax over the top, though as this is designed to shrug off dirt wax wont bind very well and durability will be poor. Putting wax underneath will definitely not work.

This product is entirely suitable for all paint surfaces on cars, boats, motorhomes or caravans, motorcycles and quad bikes. So it is perfect for steel, aluminium or GRP panels, with 2 pack, Gelcoat or standard solid or lacquered finishes.

So, in 2-3 hours, or a little more if you take your time, you'll save yourself, on a very conservative basis, $350 plus, have a much better finish and the satisfaction that you have done something worthwhile yourself and avoided multiple rip-offs.
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