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Zymol Wash Sponge
Zymol Wash Sponge
Our Price: $8.00

The right Sponge makes a big job easy. Molded without paint killing silicone, this forever supple, heavyweight sponge drenches your car in soft frothy bubbles, helping you slide dirt and foreign matter away from your paint with minimum effort.  Unlike most big box discount store sponges, this one was actually engineered with car washing in mind!
Grit Guard Washboard
Grit Guard Washboard
Our Price: $12.95

The Grit Guard Washboard, one of our most popular products, works in conjunction with the Grit Guard Insert in your wash bucket. It works to to separate the grit from the mitt!

Like it's sister product, the Grit Guard Insert, the Grit Guard Washboard has NO flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected. Contaminants are extracted from cleaning tools while rubbing them on the downward stoke against the Washboard.
The Absorber (Large)
The Absorber (Large)
Our Price: $12.97

The Absorber was designed over 30 years ago to dry cars and trucks. It is the ORIGINAL PVA shammy. The super absorbent power of The Absorber not only dries your car quickly, but leaves a streak free finish behind. Once the absorber is saturated with water simply wring it out and continue drying your vehicle. For the hood of your car we recommend that you lay the absorber flat on the surface and pull it across the hood, trunk, or car top. Let the absorber do the work for you as it sucks up the water as you move across the surface of your vehicle. You can fold the absorber to dry the side panels of your vehicle.

The absorber can be used to dry the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. This is a distinct advantage over blade type and other drying devices. The absorber is reinforced with a mesh scrim for added durability and strength, but has NO surface fibers which makes it safe for all paint finishes. It also will not remove wax from your vehicle as you dry it. It is resistant to most chemicals. It is unharmed by grease and oils. Best of all the absorber is machine washable and will last for years. Generous 27" x 17" size.

P21s Body Shampoo
P21s Body Shampoo
Our Price: $13.95

P21s products became famous in the USA years ago, when returning military service personnel brought them back from Germany!

P21S studied formulas developed in the cosmetic industry to create the ultimate in car skin care. A unique blend of wheat germ and sugar-based surfactants and neutral "betaine" chemical compounds allows P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo to condition as it cleans. This chemical formula helps ensure the oils your car's skin needs for its appearance are not destroyed or drawn away during the cleaning process. Safe and effective German formula.
CarPro Reset 500ml.
CarPro Reset 500ml.
Our Price: $15.95

Zymol Auto Wash 48oz.
Zymol Auto Wash
Our Price: $20.50

Zymol Auto Wash contains a natural concentrated formula that cleans and conditions your car's finish. A special blend of ingredients including coconut, lemon and banana essence oils that are safe for all finishes. 48 ounce bottle.

Zymol Auto Wash offers a combination of pure Coconut Bark Soap and natural fatty oils extract heavy dirt to clean and care for your vehicle.

Grit Guard Bucket Insert (Red) with Washboard Bucket Insert (Black)
Grit Guard Bucket Insert (Red) with Washboard Bucket Insert (Black)
Our Price: $21.95

To get those particles out of your sponge or mitt, you need the Grit Guard Insert. The raised radial surface fits in the bottom of any 5 gallon bucket and extracts grit from your wash mitt or sponge when you drag it across the Grit Guard. The dirt settles at the bottom of the bucket so your wash water stays clean. The Grit Guard has a radial grid surface that scrapes dirt out of your mitt or sponge. Four quadrants at the base of the Grit Guard calm the wash water and hold the grid above the bottom of the bucket. Dirt falls to the bottom and stays there. You'll be amazed at how much dirt accumulates in the bottom of your wash bucket!

The Grit Guard Washboard works in conjunction with the Grit Guard Insert in your wash bucket to separate the grit from the mitt! Like it's sister product, the Grit Guard Insert, the Grit Guard Washboard has NO flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected. Contaminants are extracted from cleaning tools while rubbing them on the downward stoke against the Washboard.

You'll do well by your car by choosing this Grit Guard team from Detailbest!
Fire Hose Nozzle
Fire Hose Nozzle
Our Price: $21.97

Much better quality than similar-styled products, this is a fire hose style nozzle. Made of thermal plastic rubber with a heavy-duty aluminum body and solid brass connector. Designed with a rubber bumper that protects the nozzle and your cars finish. This nozzle will easily blast away mud and grime.

Assuming good water pressure, you will probably win water fights with your neighbor. Easily adjustable from a 40 foot steam to a gentle fan spray. Includes hose washer. We use this nozzle ourselves!

Detail Guardz
Detail Guardz
Our Price: $24.95

Are you tired of have the brakes applied on you when you wash your car? Detail Guardz car wash inserts are the most efficient way to work around your vehicles, without being interrupted by a stubborn hose & cord jammed by your tires. The ultra-smooth roller system allows for easy movements, without the need to tug and adjust your equipment. This unique tool has a locking mechanism, it instantly grips the tire, ensuring even the strongest forces can't knock it loose. Just quickly slide them into place and forget about pesky hose & cord troubles. Set of 4.
Raceglaze Ltd AquaGlide AutoWash
RG UK (Raceglaze Ltd.) AquaGlide AutoWash 8.45oz.
Our Price: $25.00

If you're thinking about using harsh dishwashing detergent to wash your car, please don't. And read on about the value of RG UK AquaGlide.

Mere bubbles don't clean cars - a gentle cleansing formulation which allows your wash mitt to glide over paintwork and allow the soap to work on dirt, teasing it away from the surface cleans a car. Adding unspecified quantities of exotic natural sounding ingredients also doesn't guarantee the perfect wash solution. So, taking all this on board we created what we consider to be maybe the finest concentrated vehicle washing soap on the market, and worthy of inclusion in our Signature line-up.

Our chemists have blended premium grade ionic and non-ionic surfactants and other clever ingredients to produce a phosphate-free, solvent-free biodegradable concentrated soap without added salt, totally suited to all vehicle paintwork. Its pH neutral so won't degrade your carefully applied wax either. And for the bubble-lovers, it does produce a dense, long lasting foam too. Most importantly, you can feel its slickness in your wash bucket with your fingers, and you'll see its effect as your mitt or sponge glides over your paintwork. You'll enjoy the results - a superbly clean, high shining vehicle achieved with minimal effort.

AquaGlide is formulated to more than compete on performance with the most expensive boutique shampoos on the market whilst being priced at much more modest levels. We strongly recommend you try some. Dilution ratios vary depending on local water hardness - it's misleading to state anything else, though this is a thick, highly concentrated product so you will need less than you think. Can't you use an effective bucket full of luxury?
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